Woman with Short Hair Smiling and Leaning Head to the Side

Woman with Short Hair Smiling and Leaning Head to the Side

Our doctors at Clagett Dental in Elizabethtown have been specializing in smiles since 1947. While their practice focuses on the oral health of their patients, our doctors truly care about the overall health of their patients as well. Many men and women don’t realize that oral health and physical health are intimately intertwined. If you have gum disease or periodontal disease, your overall health is at risk. Below, we will discuss three ways our doctors can protect your health with gum surgery.

1. Gum Surgery Can Protect Your Periodontal Health
Patients in Elizabethtown who have experienced periodontal disease in the past are at an increased risk of developing it again in the future. By having gum surgery as needed to restore the health of your gums, you are essentially creating a defense against a recurrence of the disease in the future. Gum surgery, coupled with routine visits to see our doctors for check-ups, will ensure your oral health – and overall health – remain strong.

2. Gum Surgery Can Protect Against Dementia
Elizabethtown men and women who have gum disease are at a greater risk of developing dementia in the future. Researchers have discovered that patients with periodontal disease experience cognitive impairment and do not score well on memory tests. Gum surgery can reduce your risk of developing dementia in the future by restoring your oral health and removing diseased gum tissue.

3. Gum Surgery Can Protect Against Heart Disease
Heart disease and gum disease have been linked for years. Not only do people with gum disease have poor heart health, but they’re at an increased risk of experiencing heart attacks as well. When our doctors perform gum surgery for patients with periodontal disease, their risk of heart disease is lowered as their oral health is restored.

While the idea of gum surgery may be daunting, our doctors want to reassure you. Our office is designed with the intention of keeping each patient comfortable and at ease during every appointment, including surgery.

On the day of your surgery, a member of our team will make you comfortable with local anesthetics or other sedatives to ensure you do not experience any pain or discomfort. To perform gum surgery, our doctors will make small incisions in the gums to allow them access to clear away diseased gum tissue and remove infection.

Gum Surgery Can Help Protect You from Even More Health Conditions

Not only can gum surgery help protect your health in the ways we mentioned above, but scientists have found that having periodontal disease makes you up to 40% more likely to face health conditions, such as:

    • Diabetes
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Premature birth or low birth weight
    • Stroke
    • Osteoporosis
    • Lung conditions
    • Obesity

If you are already experiencing complications of periodontal disease, gum surgery can help repair your gums by re-growing damaged bones and gum tissue. Our doctors will evaluate each patient on an individual basis to determine the best course of action in order to provide the best results possible.

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Not only are our doctors specially trained to perform gum surgery, but their team truly cares about the wellbeing of each of their patients.

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