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Every year, our doctors at Clagett Dental see many men and women from Elizabethtown who are in need of tooth replacement, whether it’s for one tooth, several teeth, or a whole mouthful of teeth. Whatever the reason, and however, many teeth these patients need to have replaced, our doctors have the experience and expertise to restore full oral function to their patients.

When it comes to deciding which type of tooth replacement system to choose, our doctors recommend dental implants to those patients who are good candidates. Dental implants are an easy way to fill in gaps that missing teeth have left or can be placed to replace every tooth in the mouth. However, not everyone is convinced of the effectiveness of dental implants, so today we will discuss 6 advantages dental implants have over other options.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most sought-after tooth replacement option on the market today. And for good reason! Dental implants have many advantages over other options, including:

1. Dental implants are aesthetically pleasing
Elizabethtown men and women choose dental implants over other options largely in part because they look just like real, natural teeth! More than any other option on the market today, dental implants let you smile with confidence all over town!

Other tooth replacement options on the market do not look as natural as dental implants do. Many times, these other options do not match surrounding teeth or
can become discolored from certain foods or drinks.

2. Dental implants restore oral function
Dental implants also restore oral function to patients, meaning they function like natural teeth. They allow patients to eat and speak normally!

While dentures and bridges are able to restore oral function to patients, there are some functional drawbacks. Dentures and even bridges are prone to moving around the mouth. This leads to problems speaking and eating.

3. Dental implants are strong
This tooth replacement option is the strongest option available to men and women in Elizabethtown. Patients aren’t forced to restrict their diet! No foods are off-limits with dental implants!

Other options on the market are weaker and more prone to breaking. Patients with dentures or bridges aren’t able to eat some of their favorite foods for fear of a cracked crown.

4. Dental implants are easy to care for
Our doctors are always excited to hear that dental implants do not require special treatment. In fact, they only need to be cared for in the same way natural teeth do – regular brushing, flossing, and use of antibacterial mouthwash.

Patients who choose dentures or bridges are required to use special cleansing products specially designed for these prosthetic teeth. Not only that, but dentures are required to be removed nightly for cleaning!

5. Dental implants last a lifetime
Another huge advantage of dental implants over other options is that they are designed to last a lifetime! As long as you care for them properly, dental implants will never have to be replaced!

Counter that with dentures and bridges, which require frequent replacements. The reason for this is due to changes in the structure of the mouth. Because neither of these options are directly implanted into the jawbone, bone deterioration eventually occurs, changing the shape of the mouth and causing these tooth replacement systems to become loose and ill-fitting.

6. Dental implants won’t damage neighboring teeth
Because dental implants are secured directly into the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth or teeth, they do not require the support of neighboring teeth. This means dental implants don’t cause damage.

However, other options like bridges need the support of surrounding teeth, even to the point that those supportive teeth need to be contoured to allow space for the supportive bridge. This device gradually wears down these teeth and leaves them weak, and sometimes leads to breaks or cracks within the teeth.

Let Clagett Dental Help You!

Our doctors at Clagett Dental in Elizabethtown have years of experience placing dental implants for patients in the Elizabethtown area, so patients can confidently place their trust in us for their tooth replacement needs such as the patients in our video testimonials.

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