What To Expect After Your Gum Surgery

Our doctors at Clagett Dental in Elizabethtown treat gum disease on a patient-to-patient basis, ensuring that each treatment plan is customized to the specific needs of each person. With a board-certified periodontist under roof, Clagett Dental is experienced in performing gum surgery for patients who have damaged gums that are causing discomfort or aesthetic concerns....
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The Different Types Of Gum Surgery And The Conditions They Treat

If you live in Elizabethtown and are experiencing problems with your gums, our doctors at Clagett Dental can help by performing gum surgery. However, gum surgery is a broader term than you may expect, and our doctors are well versed in the different surgical procedures used to treat the gums. They use their expertise to give patients fast and painless results every time....
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3 Ways Gum Surgery Can Protect Your Health

Woman with Short Hair Smiling and Leaning Head to the Side
Our doctors at Clagett Dental in Elizabethtown have been specializing in smiles since 1947. While their practice focuses on the oral health of their patients, our doctors truly care about the overall health of their patients as well. Many men and women don’t realize that oral health and physical health are intimately intertwined.
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