Greensburg, KY is a small town with a big heart that makes everyone feel welcomed. Patients can feel that same sense of comfort and belonging at Clagett Dental Solutions, where we treat every patient like family. Offering a wide range of dental procedures from multi-specialty providers, you can achieve a healthier, more attractive smile.

Meet Clagett Dental Solutions

Your comfort and well-being are top priorities at Clagett Dental Solutions. A dentist should take the time to understand your needs and concerns, discuss what you do and do not like about your smile, and explain your treatment options without making you feel rushed or pressured, and that is exactly what our doctors do. We have been serving Greensburg and surrounding areas for over 70 years, offering high-quality care ranging from dental implants, dentures, and gum disease treatment to teeth cleanings, crowns, and smile makeovers. Treatment is tailored to your individual needs and goals to transform your smile.

Our Procedures

Our multi-specialty team provides comprehensive care all in one convenient location. Some of the treatment options available include:

Dental Implants

When teeth are lost or extracted, it leaves a gap in your smile that can affect your eating and speaking. Dental implants are a safe, long-lasting solution to prevent bone loss, restore function, and boost your confidence. Missing teeth are replaced by a small implant inserted into the jawbone, taking the place of the tooth root. A crown that is custom-designed to match your existing teeth is attached to the top of the implant. Dental implants are a popular choice for filling in gaps caused by missing teeth and creating a beautiful, full smile.


Patients in Greensburg with significant tooth loss may find that it takes a toll on their quality of life. Dentures can enable you to eat and speak more naturally and comfortably and also boost your self-esteem. They can replace an entire upper arch, lower arch, or both and are easily removable for cleaning and oral care. Dentures fit over your gums and leave you with a uniform smile free from gaps. The doctors at Clagett Dental Solutions work closely with you to determine if dentures are a good option and create a comfortable fit.

Other Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Keeping your teeth looking great and maintaining a healthy smile is an ongoing process. Clagett Dental Solutions offers many cosmetic options to support patients in Greensburg in achieving a smile they love and want to share with others. Here are just a few procedures you may benefit from:

Smile Makeover

Refresh your appearance with a smile makeover that encompasses multiple procedures such as teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, or gum recession treatment to correct imperfections.


Crowns are caps that fit over your teeth and are bonded in place to protect teeth that have been damaged and restore a natural appearance.

Gum Recession Treatment

Gum loss can make your teeth appear overly large and expose the tooth root. Gum recession treatment improves the appearance and increases the volume of your gums.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth can develop a yellowish tint or stains that do not go away with regular brushing. Get a brighter, whiter smile with professional tooth whitening.

Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleanings are an integral part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Remove built-up plaque and identify potential problems early on.

Speak with a Dentist in Greensburg, KY

Are you searching for a dentist near Greensburg, KY that takes the time to listen to your concerns and creates a personalized solution that is right for you? Schedule an appointment at Clagett Dental Solutions to learn more about our cosmetic, restorative, and surgical treatment options.