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Many men and women in Elizabethtown suffer from gum disease, and unfortunately, they don’t even know it. That’s because, when gum disease starts, it doesn’t cause too many symptoms in the mouth. However, as it progresses, the symptoms increase and patients begin to become very uncomfortable.

Keep reading as we talk a bit more about the different types of gum disease, the symptoms it causes, and how it can be treated.

Types of Gum Disease

While many people know about gingivitis simply from seeing Crest and Colgate commercials, many don’t understand that this “simple” oral health condition can turn into full-blown gum disease if left untreated. As gum disease progresses, the gums begin to separate from the teeth causing small “pockets” to form between the teeth and gums. These small spaces gather food particles and plaque, which unfortunately provide the perfect breeding ground for disease.

Over time, as plaque spreads and festers below the gum line, the gums become inflamed and infected. When infection sets in, gum disease treatment is vital to make sure you don’t lose gum tissue, bone tissue, or teeth!

Other than gingivitis, which is easily managed at home with proper oral hygiene, there are two different types of gum disease Elizabethtown residents could develop:

    • Aggressive gum disease

This type of gum disease occurs in Elizabethtown men and women who are generally healthy. Some symptoms associated with aggressive periodontitis are the gums begin to separate from the teeth, and bone loss starts to occur.

    • Chronic gum disease

Chronic gum disease causes inflammation deep within the gum tissues and jawbone. It is characterized by the formation of pockets between the teeth and gums, causing gum detachment and bone loss to worsen.

Without gum disease treatment, aggressive gum disease, and chronic gum disease can lead to other health conditions such as heart disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

When you visit our doctors at Clagett Dental Solutions in Elizabethtown, they will perform a full examination to check for gum disease. Some of the symptoms they are looking for include:

    • Painful or tender gums
    • Red or swollen gums
    • Gums that bleed when flossing, eating crunchy food, or brushing
    • Gums that are starting to recede, making the teeth look bigger
    • Loose teeth
    • Changes in the way the mouth fits together when biting
    • Changes in the way dentures fit
    • Chronic bad breath
    • Pus coming from between the teeth and the gums

Patients who are experiencing any of these symptoms, no matter how small you may think they are, need to call our doctors to schedule an appointment soon. Gum disease treatment is most effective when the disease is caught early and treated properly.

Clagett Dental Solutions in Elizabethtown Can Provide State-of-the-Art Gum Disease Treatment

Look no further than Clagett Dental Solutions when searching for the right doctor to provide proper gum disease treatment. Specializing in smiles since 1947, and with three qualified doctors under one roof, you can know that you’ll be well taken care of at our practice. Every patient seen by our doctors is provided with exceptional care and an individualized treatment plan based on their specific needs. Hear for yourself in our video testimonials of our patients.

Call our office today at (270) 769-3306 to learn more about gum disease treatment, or to schedule your first appointment.

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