Dr. Ryan Clagett HeadshotDr. Ryan Clagett comes from an entire family of dentists. His grandfather started the practice back in the mid ’40s, and both his father (Dr. Dan Clagett) and uncle worked there as well. Today, Dr. Ryan Clagett is carrying the torch as the CEO of Clagett Dental Solutions, where he’s helping his patients achieve smiles that are healthier and more aesthetically pleasing through his work as a surgical specialist.

Educational Background

After attending the University of Kentucky to earn a bachelor of science in 1999, Dr. Ryan Clagett headed to the University of Louisville, earning his doctorate of dental medicine in 2003. To further broaden his horizons, Dr. Ryan Clagett earned a Master’s in Oral Biology as well as a specialty certificate in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry in 2006.

Professional Specializations

Dr. Ryan Clagett has extensive professional achievements that he uses to help his patients get the results they desire. He is double board-certified in both periodontics and implant surgery, so he has the skillset and experience to perform a wide array of surgical procedures.

Outside of his work at Clagett Dental Solutions, Dr. Ryan Clagett has also made large waves in research and education. He’s recently published an article detailing his new approach for treating recessing gums, and he is currently collaborating on research with the University of Alabama Birmingham on gum recession treatment.

Dr. Clagett has been a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology since 2007.

Personal Life

Outside of dental care, Dr. Ryan Clagett is also passionate about the practice’s charitable outreach program, which provides donations to local organizations in need. Dr. Clagett is married to Cassie and has 3 children, Owen, Canyon and Lennon. In addition to spending time with his family, he also coaches baseball and soccer, races triathlons and is die hard Notre Dame football fan.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Ryan Clagett at his office in Elizabethtown by calling (270) 769-3306.

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