When patients have lost all or most of their teeth, it can become hard to eat, drink, and speak. One of the easiest ways to improve these issues is through the use of dentures. Under the skilled expertise of our doctors, Elizabethtown patients can get dentures that fit perfectly and provide years of stability and durability in the mouth.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a set of removable appliances that patients can put in their mouths to replace their missing teeth. Dentures typically fit right over the gums and include teeth that look and feel natural, meaning onlookers won’t even be able to tell that the patient has false teeth. There are a few different kinds of dentures patients can benefit from:

  • Complete dentures cover the entire arch of the mouth and can be conventional, in which any remaining teeth are removed before the dentures are placed, meaning the process takes several months to give the mouth time to heal. Complete dentures can also be immediate, so the dentures will be placed during the same appointment as tooth removal.
  • Partial dentures are for when patients have enough healthy teeth left in the mouth that it’s not worth pulling them. Partial dentures attach to these healthy teeth and fill in any gaps in the mouth.

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Benefits of Dentures

Dentures have limitless benefits for patients who have no or few teeth remaining. They’ll help to restore eating and chewing abilities, allowing patients to improve their diets and return to snacking on their favorite foods. What’s more, speaking should become easier again, as the dentures should prevent any lisps or other tooth-related speech issues.

Other benefits of getting dentures include:

  • A beautiful, straight smile that can make patients look younger
  • A filled out facial appearance to prevent the lips from looking sagged in
  • No need for painful procedures or surgery

How Getting Dentures Works

Getting dentures will require patients to schedule a few appointments at our Elizabethtown office. This is because it’s a multiple-step process that requires taking impressions, making models, and casting the final dentures.

First, our doctors will take an impression of the patient’s jaw along with several measurements. This helps them know what size and shape to make the dentures. After collecting this data, they’ll create a model of the dentures using wax or plastic. This gives the patient a chance to look over the teeth and make sure they look good. This also allows our doctors to check the fit and make sure everything is sitting correctly.

Next, our doctors will send away for the dentures to be cast. This usually takes a couple of weeks, so patients will have to come back at that time. Depending on whether the patient is getting complete or partial dentures, they may need some teeth pulled. Finally, the dentures will be fitted in the mouth, where our doctors can make any adjustments necessary to ensure a quality fit.

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Who Qualifies for Dentures?

Many Elizabethtown patients who have few or no teeth remaining in the mouth are great candidates for dentures. However, only our doctors can make that final call, which is why it’s so important for patients to schedule an initial consultation at our office. During this consultation, we’ll also go over the full cost of the dentures, which varies depending on whether the patient is getting complete or partial dentures or needs to have any teeth pulled.

What Is Life Like After Getting Dentures?

It will take some time for Elizabethtown patients to get used to their new dentures. At first, the dentures may feel strange or loose. The patient may even find themselves producing more saliva than usual. However, in a couple of weeks, the muscles of the tongue and cheeks will learn how to keep the dentures securely in place, preventing the loose feeling. Additionally, the mouth will get used to having the dentures, so it will cease saliva overproduction. Chewing and speaking may also be troubling at first, but patients will gradually get used to these new sensations.

To help the dentures fit better, patients may also want to use denture adhesive. Our doctors can recommend a technique for that at the initial consultation.

Restore Your Functionality With Dentures in Elizabethtown

Dentures are a truly life-changing investment, as they’ll allow you to regain your ability to eat, drink, and speak normally without the need for an invasive procedure or costly surgery.

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