Visiting the dentist is something you should do at least biannually throughout your entire life. Scheduling appointments for kids and adults at multiple providers can be frustrating. Working with a family dentist that treats patients of all ages in one convenient location means you can get everyone’s teeth cared for at once. Plus, young children can feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing they are seeing the same dentist their parents see, while being there together. Procedures are explained in an easily understood manner and with a child-friendly approach that can help reduce feelings of anxiety or fear. Adults receive the same compassionate care and clear explanations. Going to the dentist can be a fun and enjoyable experience when you see a family dentist that knows how to meet everyone’s unique needs.

Benefits of a Family Dentist

Clagett Dental is a high-quality family dentist practice that specializes in caring for every member of your family. Working with a family dentist who is experienced with even the youngest of patients is extremely important in providing a relaxing, safe dental environment for your entire family. More than that, it provides an excellent opportunity to teach your family the techniques for practicing their own oral healthcare at home.

Whether you want a dentist in Elizabethtown who specializes in children, or you’d like to have your entire family seen by one family dentist, you’ve come to the right place. Additional benefits of working with Clagett Dental for your family’s dentistry needs include:

  • Having one dental practice to work with for copays, billing statements, and more
  • Building a relationship with our doctors so they can get to know your family and your unique needs over the years that you see us
  • Streamlining appointments by being able to schedule the whole family’s biannual cleanings on a single day at one location

And to help put your mind at ease, our doctors take extra care when working with children, including:

  • Creating a soothing, comforting environment to ease any dental anxiety your children may have
  • Speaking to children with words that are easy for them to understand
  • Providing complete oral healthcare, including dental cleanings, x-rays, and more
  • Making x-rays, which some kids find uncomfortable, easy to do
  • Teaching children kid-friendly tips and tricks for taking care of their own teeth

Is a Family Dentist Right for You?

A family dentist is right for you if you want a dentist who has experience treating people of all ages and stages of life, and you want one dentist for your entire family. While some parents believe they need to choose a pediatric dentist specifically for their children, the truth is the right family dentist is one who has experience with working with young patients. At Clagett Dental in Elizabethtown, our doctors have that experience!

Our experience in working with kids starts with our bedside manner. We understand that some kids (and adults) have dental anxiety, so we work very hard to make everyone feel completely comfortable in our office and with our doctors. When it comes to our littlest patients, we want them to learn that the family dentist is their friend and that proper oral hygiene is an important part of daily life.

As you can see, we’re a full-service dentist for every member of your Elizabethtown family!

Cost of a Family Dentist

At Clagett Dental, we work diligently to provide you with quality dental care at a competitive price. We also accept a wide variety of dental insurances that local families have. The amount you will pay for your family’s visits and procedures will depend on your dental insurance provider, the coverages your specific plan offers, your copay amount, and whether or not you have an individual or family deductible to meet.

If you’re curious if we accept your insurance, or what your cost will be for an upcoming appointment or procedure, we’re happy to verify that amount with your insurance before you come in for your treatment. Simply call and ask to speak with our Financial Coordinator for more information.

Recovery After a Family Dentist Visit

The most common procedures we perform—family dental exams and dental cleanings—have no downtime. You and your family can come at any time of the day and immediately go back to school, work, or your other daily activities.

However, certain procedures such as fillings, crowns, tooth extractions, and veneers, have different post-procedure recovery times and instructions. If you or your family member is scheduled for anything other than a dental exam or dental cleaning, our doctors will talk with you about your aftercare instructions and limitations during the appointment.

Meet Clagett Dental

At Clagett Dental, your family becomes part of our family. Since we treat patients of all ages, we can provide a continuum of care that adjusts to each person’s needs as they get older. Plus, we are a multispecialty practice, so you will not be referred to another provider if surgical procedures or orthodontics are needed. Everything can be done in one location. Build a rapport with our team and receive quality, comprehensive family care that is not limited by what your dental insurance covers.

Clagett Dental In Elizabethtown Offers Dental Appointments For All Your Family Members

Our doctors at Clagett Dental in Elizabethtown would love to have the opportunity to provide excellent dental care to every member of your family.

For appointment scheduling or to learn more about us, call our office at (270) 769-3306.

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