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Your smile is one of the first things others notice, so you want to feel confident in how your teeth look, and the image you are presenting. There can be many issues that make you feel self-conscious, such as teeth that are broken or missing, discolored, crooked or unevenly spaced, or appear too small for your mouth. Whatever concerns you may have, a smile makeover may be a great option for addressing them.

At Clagett Dental Solutions, our doctors take the time to ask what features of your smile you do not like, and what you wish you could change. These factors are taken into consideration when creating a customized smile makeover to align with your unique needs and goals. The result can be a smile that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and enhances your natural beauty.

What Is A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover transforms your existing smile by correcting any dental issues and perceived imperfections. It combines two or more dental procedures to provide comprehensive results that all work together to achieve the look you are after. If you are concerned about broken teeth or cavities, dental implants can be a sustainable tooth replacement option. Teeth whitening can address discoloration, while crowns can improve your smile with the addition of beautiful porcelain ceramic. Gum recession treatment can help improve the shape and size of your teeth by adjusting the contour of your gums. The team at Clagett Dental Solutions in Elizabethtown, KY offers a multitude of options to create the smile of your dreams.

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The Benefits of Getting a Smile Makeover

If you are tired of covering up your smile or settling for teeth that are less than ideal, a smile makeover may be a great option. Improving how your teeth look and function can give you a boost of confidence and make you appear more approachable. Other benefits include:

  • Dental implants can restore missing or damaged teeth for a full smile.
  • Replacing decaying teeth can maintain the health of adjacent teeth and correct discoloration.
  • Implants, crowns, or tooth whitening can help you achieve a brighter smile.
  • Combining procedures can create more immediate results and balanced aesthetics.
  • Straightening crooked teeth, restoring gums, and addressing other issues can improve overall oral health.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

The great thing about a smile makeover is that virtually anyone can benefit. Most people have at least one aspect of their smile that they do not like or wish they could change. Because the process is incredibly flexible and tailored to your specific needs, the requirements are fairly subjective:

  • You are unhappy with the way your smile currently looks.
  • You smile with closed lips and try to avoid photographs to hide your teeth.
  • Your teeth are discolored or stained from foods, beverages, or aging.
  • You avoid eating certain foods due to damaged or missing teeth.
  • You are ready to transform your smile into something that makes you feel good.

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Upgrade Your Smile and Your Confidence with a Smile Makeover

Stop settling for a smile that does not make you feel amazing about the way you look. Contact Clagett Dental Solutions to explore your options.

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Meet Clagett Dental Solutions

At Clagett Dental Solutions, we treat you like family and make your concerns and goals a top priority. Whether you are getting a smile makeover or any other procedure, we listen to what you want, ask about what you like and dislike, answer any questions you may have, and create a personalized dental experience. With a multispecialty team all in one convenient location, we provide comprehensive care to help you achieve and maintain a smile you love for years to come.

What Procedures are Part of a Smile Makeover?

There is no set plan for a smile makeover. Treatment is tailored to your specific needs, and procedures complement one another to maximize results.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long-lasting, natural-looking tooth replacement option. An implant can be used to restore a tooth that is missing, broken, or severely decayed, leaving you with a new tooth that is strong and functional. They are treated just like natural teeth, which makes cleaning fast and easy.


Crowns can cover up cracks or chips in your teeth while also protecting them from further damage. They are custom-made to be exactly the right size, shape, and color to blend in with existing teeth. With advanced technology, same-day crowns are available.

Gum Recession Treatment

Receding gums can make your teeth appear larger and out of balance with the rest of your features. Gum recession treatment gently rebuilds and recontours the gum line to restore lost volume, protect the tooth root, and help prevent gum disease. You can feel more confident showing teeth when smiling.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth can naturally become dull, stained, or discolored just from the foods and drinks you consume. Over-the-counter tooth whitening kits are not always enough to create the change you desire. Professional tooth whitening can help you achieve brighter, whiter teeth and remove stains.

Teeth Cleaning

Even with daily brushing and flossing, bits of plaque and tartar can be left behind. Regular teeth cleanings remove this buildup to help prevent cavities and gum disease and identify other issues that may affect your oral health. Plus, it can keep your teeth healthier and brighter.

Other Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Your doctor can also recommend other cosmetic dental treatments that may be beneficial in empowering you to achieve the smile you have been dreaming about. These treatments can work hand-in-hand with other procedures for more comprehensive and long-lasting results. Smile makeovers are highly customizable to your needs.

Maintaining Your Results

To keep your new smile looking its best, it is essential to schedule regular cleanings and exams. You should also brush and floss at home daily.

Food and Drinks to Limit or Avoid

There are a variety of foods and beverages that have the potential to stain or dull your teeth. To protect your teeth, you should consume these foods in moderation. They include things such as coffee, tea, soda, red wine, dark berries, curry, or soy sauce. Make sure to brush afterward.

Additional Precautions

Activities such as brushing with abrasive toothpaste, grinding your teeth, or biting on hard objects such as pens or bottle caps can also damage your teeth.

Schedule Your Smile Makeover Appointment Today!

Now is the time to revamp your smile and finally address any imperfections or things you want to change. At Clagett Dental Solutions, we partner with patients in Elizabethtown and across Central and Southern Kentucky to develop a customized smile makeover plan that fits their needs.

To schedule your initial consultation at our Elizabethtown office, call us at (270) 207-9025 or visit our specialty surgery site clagettperio.com for more information.

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