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If you live in Elizabethtown and are experiencing problems with your gums, our doctors at Clagett Dental Solutions can help by performing gum surgery. However, gum surgery is a broader term than you may expect, and our doctors are well versed in the different surgical procedures used to treat the gums. They are committed to using their training to give patients fast and painless results.

Conditions That Gum Surgery Can Treat

Any surgical procedure where our doctors cut directly into the gums is classified as gum surgery. Elizabethtown patients with gum disease, decay, or infection choose Clagett Dental Solutions for gum surgery because of our amazing reputation and many years of experience.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to gum surgery, and every patient’s case is different from the next; therefore, our doctors develop individualized treatment plans for every patient they see. If you have gum health conditions that need to be addressed by our doctors, they may recommend one of the following types of gum surgeries:

    • Gingival Flap Surgery/Pocket Reduction

To perform this gum surgery, our doctors will make a tiny incision in the gums in order to fold them back away from the tooth or tooth roots. This small incision gives our doctors the access they need to effectively clean bacteria from underneath the gums and tighten the gums to they will be closer to the teeth. This gum surgery is used to treat gum disease that has advanced beyond non-surgical solutions.

    • Gingivectomy/Crown Lengthening

This gum surgery is used to help Elizabethtown patients who feel their smile is too “gummy,” or for those who have damaged the surface of the tooth, but some of the damage is hidden by the gums. Crown lengthening gum surgery will expose more of the tooth so our doctors can make any restorations needed. To perform this procedure, our doctors must cut away excess gum tissue that is covering up parts of the teeth, so the patient gains a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

    • Gingivoplasty

This gum surgery is performed by reshaping the gums so that they fit around the patient’s teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Patients who choose this gum surgery often have gums that have that are unusually shaped or misformed due to genetics, disease, or facial trauma.

    • Soft Tissue Graft

When Elizabethtown patients choose to have dental implants placed, but do not have sufficient gum tissue, our doctors will perform a soft tissue graft. Patients who do not intend to have implants placed but have a receding gum line are also candidates for this gum surgery, which involves taking tissue from another area of the mouth and using it to restore receding gums.

    • Regeneration

This gum surgery is used to restore gum growth for patients. During this procedure, our doctors will put membranes or tissue-stimulating proteins between the bone and gum tissue of the patient to stimulate gum regrowth.

Clagett Dental Solutions Has Everything You Need Under One Roof

If you’re in need of gum surgery, look no further than Clagett Dental Solutions in Elizabethtown. With the unique training and qualifications of our team, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Our own patients in our video testimonials can reassure you.

Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation at (270) 769-3306.

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